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Fun & Creativity


No after-thought.  Art is pursued for the sake of art and used to reinforce learning, foster family memories but mostly it’s just for fun and refrigerator bragging rights! 


Research-based, and educationally sound approach to music learning.  Children experience a variety of instruments, genres and joyful musical experiences taught by experts trained in early music education. 


Watch out! Our children are in perpetual motion! Here at 10 Fingers 10 Toes, we anticipate and encourage the wiggles in age-appropriate ways to help build strength, balance, flexibility and coordination.  


Our teachers are animated communicators trained to use rich, vibrant language that build on what youngsters already know and respond to their interests to introduce and reinforce new vocabulary. Through song, poetry, reading and natural conversation, we celebrate listening and talking.  If you have a question or something to say, we are all ears!


Number sense and making math real are some of the first steps for youngsters who enjoy exciting math and analytical activities daily.  Comparing, predicting patterns, measuring, sorting and other early skills prepare children for an amazing world of math beyond counting, adding and subtracting. 

Outside Play

Four Acres for Four Seasons

We love the outdoors and jump into nature all year-round.  From swimsuits to snow suits, and sunscreen to hand warmers, our children appreciate that we go outside to learn, to exercise and to play!  Our park-like campus teems with life. We picnic, frolic, climb, harvest, sled, plant, run, observe and embrace the full sensory experience nature ushers into our school yard everyday.  

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