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 Accepting Applications for Next Year

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Offering discerning parents an inspired alternative to traditional childcare, 10 Fingers 10 Toes provides a nurturing full-day preschool experience that engages young children through experiential learning, interactive play and proven early childhood approaches. Complete with age-appropriate “discovery” centers, young children are lovingly guided on a course of intellectual and social emotional exploration designed to ignite their curious imaginations and wiggling limbs.

Less is “more” in many aspects of life but perhaps none more so than when it comes to your child in a group setting. Our small class sizes are intentional and allow teachers to truly bond with each child. Children feel safe and supported and are challenged to reach their potential in a close knit schoolhouse community. Make an inquiry or apply now.


  • What will a typical day be like for my child?
    First and foremost, your child will be warmly received, loved and cared for throughout the day. Children learn through play and our teaching staff works hard to deliver over-the-top fun. The children thrive off our learning-filled routines including free play, creative expression, circle time, healthy meals, individual enrichment, recess, music, recuperative time as well as plenty of fresh air and exercise. Throughout the day your child will have the opportunity for discovery through self-initiated and teacher led activities.
  • How do I enroll my child?
    Our open enrollment policy gives parents maximum flexibility to enroll their child throughout the year at a time most convenient for their families. However, since all our children are on curriculum, the vast majority of parents choose to enroll towards the end of summer just at the start of our academic year. Parents generally continue their enrollment until matriculating to kindergarten.
  • How do I get on your wait list?
    It’s true, our openings tend to fill up quickly. Parents will often request a wait list/intent to enroll upon learning that they are expecting. That said, if you know that our program is the right fit for your family, please contact our director who will keep you informed of your status. Also, please feel free join us for family events so you can engage and become more familiar with our campus while helping to keep the conversation going.
  • Can parents volunteer?
    Absolutely! You are an invaluable extension of our teaching staff. Whether you have a special talent or just a little extra time on your hands, you are welcome to join the fun at 10 Fingers 10 Toes schoolhouse. Simply let one of our teachers know your preferences and we will gladly add you to the mix. Your child will thank you for it, so will we!
  • What’s the tuition?
    Tuition correlates with the schedule you choose for your child. Since our opening in 2006, our tuition has increased marginally by less than 10 percent to cover the increased cost of supplies. Contact any one from our team for tuition breakdown according to your family’s enrollment schedule. If you’re curious, our method of payment options are continuously expanding and are paid weekly, monthly or quarterly in advance. Got questions? Let us know!
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